Remarkable ANIMATED STORIES That Leave a Lasting Impression
Hey there! Welcome to TEAM SCHINDEL. We believe that unique and authentic characters hold the key to unlocking the true potential of your story. That's why we base all our animated content on believable non-generic characters. Our team of passionate artists specialises in creating hand-drawn characters that bring your animated videos to life.
Prepare to blow away your audience, forge deep connections, and make a lasting impact that'll have them coming back for more.
Our one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn characters have that special something that sticks with your viewers long after the story ends. They are relatable and believable because they are not perfect. Just like actual people. They become beloved icons and unforgettable heroes, keeping your brand and message at the forefront of the audience’s mind.
Authenticity and Relatability
For us, when it comes to storytelling, authenticity is key. The characters of our animated stories have a genuine personality that connects with your audience on a deeper level. They become the perfect vessel for your message, evoking emotions and forging a bond that goes beyond mere entertainment.
Stand Out
No more blending in with rest! Our hand-drawn characters are visual masterpieces, carefully crafted to represent your brand, values, and vision. With their unique charm and individuality, your animated videos will rise above the noise, grabbing attention and leaving an unforgettable impression.
Lightning-Fast Turnaround
Our modern animation techniques allow us to create remarkable characters in a fraction of the time. No more delays or lengthy production cycles. We deliver exceptional quality with lightning-fast turnaround, making the impossible possible.
Live Streaming ANIMATION
Picture this: live streaming with animated characters. It's like having your characters come alive, interacting with your audience in real time. Whether it's a dynamic presentation, a lively webinar, or an engaging live event, our animated characters bring your content to life, creating an immersive experience like never before.
Flexibility and Cost-Effectiveness
Our animation pipeline offers you the best of both worlds. Modern techniques combined with hand-drawn artistry provide flexibility and cost-effectiveness for your animated projects. Bring your vision to life efficiently and effectively, staying on budget without compromising on quality.
Ready to unleash the power of animated STORIES?
Contact us today and let TEAM SCHINDEL create a tailored solution that will leave a lasting impact. Ignite your audience's imagination, forge deep connections, and experience the true magic of storytelling.
characters for adobe character animator
You are looking for Adobe Character Animator puppets to use in your videos. We'll create custom made, hand drawn Characters with little frame-by-frame animations and deliver them ready to use. Drop us a line and we'll give you a quote.
Ready to go stock characters for adobe character animator
If you want to get animating right away you should check out our library of stock puppets for character animator. We're adding new ones all the time.